AIRE – General Registry of Italian Resident Abroad

General Registry

The Registry Office is authorized for the Registry of Citizens Residing Abroad (AIRE). Law no. 470/1988 states that all Italians living abroad must register at an authorized Consulate within 90 days of arriving in their USA State of Residence.

Even those who emigrated before this law went into effect must register.

This page will deal with NEW AIRE REGISTRATIONS and UPDATING OF INFORMATION for Italian Citizens already registered with the San Francisco Italian Consulate General AIRE Registry.

New AIRE Registrations

Registration to the AIRE is necessary in order to obtain any of the documents and certificates issued by the Consulate as well as to obtain a new Italian Passport. Registration with the Consulate significantly reduces the time required for all procedures. Registration permits the exercise of all the rights and duties of a citizen depending on each individual situation.

Italian citizens registered to the AIRE will receive Italian Voting and Referendum Ballots, will be able to elect their USA representatives to the Italian Senate and to the Italian House of Representatives and vote for their State COM.IT.ES Representatives.

The Italian citizen is obliged to inform the Consulate, of all Registry data changes (marital status, citizenship, address, family composition, and residency). It also allows an Italian Citizen residing abroad, in a lot of cases, not to have to pay taxes in Italy, but only in USA, so avoiding double taxation.

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