Beginning in 2010 the Italian government commenced issuing biometric passports. This change requires Italian passport holders to schedule appointments in San Francisco to renew passports.   As such, applicants must send the following information to San Francisco:

  1. Passport application filled out and signed by the applicant;
  2.  Expired Italian passport and one photocopy;
  3.  Copy of Green Card, Visa or US passport;
  4.  Utah drivers license or other proof of residency;
  5.  Two passport photographs
  6.  Money Order
  7.  A return, self addressed, stamped envelope;
  8.  For minor children under age 18 a consent form.

The application and accompanying documentation should be sent to:

Ufficio Passaporti
2590 Webster Street
San Francisco, California 94115

The passport application and information concerning this process can be obtained at

If you have any questions concerning this process please call my office at 801.532.7300

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